Monday, December 8, 2014

It's A Quadruple blog stop kinda day!

 Hello Sweet Bees!!

This is one busy Monday for me! I've in so many places at once, I'm feeling a little spinney!

First I'm over at

have a wee chat with Dominic.

Then I'm cozying up at

I'm chatting about many things over at

And doing even more of that over with

This is of course all due to the release of The Art of Falling Forever. It's coming out and about on Friday, December, 12th. I say that I'm proud of all my stories and I am,but this story is because I managed to take a very dark time in my life and find a bit of light in it by writing this tale. I hope that it gives your holiday season a little boost and makes you smile.

Come on back tomorrow to see where I'll be setting my promo hat!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday,

Ivy B

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