Friday, December 5, 2014

Promoting with Ffrench Kissing

Good Day and Happy Friday Sweet Bees!

It's the end of a the first week of a new adventure for me and my family (or my family and I?), but I won't talk about that too much because today I'm talking about my new challenge and promoting my holiday story The Art of Falling Forever, over at

If someone had said to me last year at this time that in  year's time I would not only be promoting my third holiday story, but also be working at a brand new job, I'd have called him or her a foul liar! Or perhaps ask how they knew of such things...a person like that could be useful...

That being said, please pop over and say hello! And later tonight, if you're on facebook, don't forget to attend 

Come and join our party!

It will be an evening of fun, games, and knowing what some of these authors are like, shenanigans. Strong word, but hey, it's got to be said.

What else has to be said is that while I'm very excited about the release of my latest holiday story, I thought I'd politely remind you of my two other ones. One is not for the faint of heart (my lead has been called all sorts of nasty things, but I like her) and the other is a sweeter Christmas tale. 

Cold and Naughty

Warm and Nice (and award winning don't cha know)

And so, I'm off to put in another day of learning and I leave with the hope that you will now hop on over to Dk's to say hello and learn about  The Art of Falling Forever. If you're planning on coming by the BP party, it would be good to learn the name of my main male character. Knowing it could better your chances of winning a copy of this story!

Happy day to you all,

Ivy B


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