Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spending My Wednesday with Linda Kage

Hello everyone

This is a late in the day post to direct over to 

She's been hosting me all day which is very nice of her. I'm chatting a little bit about my new job and how it doesn't tie in with my book...but if you're in for a silly read, it's the place to be!

And as a reminder...

I'm still running a contest here on Ivy B until the end of Saturday, December, 20th. I will announce the winner on Sunday, December, 21st.

I'm making up for past comment problems and therefore...

The winner will receive 

I would like to apologize to anyone who tried to leave a comment in the past and couldn't. I'm going to have to get this sorted out! It still may not work so you can email me a hello at ivybmisbehavin at gmail dot com or track me down on my Facebook on my Ivy Bateman-Author page and leave a comment for me there.

Thanks everyone!!

Ivy B


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