Friday, December 12, 2014

The Art of Falling Forever hits Release Day!!

Well hello there Sweet Bees and welcome!

Welcome to release day for 

Makes a great gift for yourself or a friend! Or both!

As well as promoting over here on my blog, I'm also making appearances over at

and on

I won't spend time chatting about this story as I've done a lot of that at various places over the last couple weeks and I have a few more stops over the one. But, I would like to thank some people. I'd like to thank my editor Allie. She was patient and a great support through this whole process. I would like to thank Justyn for encouraging me to keep writing even when I don't really feel like a I can. I would to thank all of our behind the scenes people at Breathless Press. If it wasn't for them, I'd be lost! I'd like to thank all the blogs that have had me on this month and the ones that will have me on later this month. Thanks to all my friends and my family who support me and give me lots of love.

And also, I'd like to thank Margaret, my beloved mother-in-law whom we lost in August. She was one of my rocks, gave me strength, helped me believe in myself, and was one of my best friends. I miss her with everything in me. We all do.

Margaret, this book is for you.

And for you all, I have a wee contest. It's not hard. Just leave a comment and your email and tomorrow I'll draw a winner for a copy of The Art of Falling Forever and for a $5 gift card from Breathless Press! I'll let the winner know sometime on Saturday.

Thanks everyone!

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading!

Ivy B



Allie Kincheloe said...

Couldn't comment earlier. How about now?

Ivy Bateman said...

It's here. :) Silly me. I've had these settings for a while. Probably people have commented on other posts and they've not registered! Sorry everyone who has commented and it hasn't worked...sigh...