Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Morning After Leads to a BIGGER Giveaway!

Hightlight of this Post! My Contest is Still ON! See below for details!

 Hello Sweet Bees

And welcome to the day after the release of The Art of Falling Forever.

First off, a thank-you to

For spotlight me on their blog today.
I hope all you are well. Today I feel a mixture of anxiety and melancholy and frustration. It's come to my attention that the comment feature on my blog is a temperamental diva and only posts comments when she bloody well feels like it.

For this release and my last two stories, I'll Call You Alice and Christmas Eve Surprise, I've had simple contests on my blog. Like the contest I posted yesterday, I asked people to comment with their email address and after a day or so, I would gather the names, have a draw, and announce a winner. Last evening,  I discovered, for the third release in a row, that no one had commented. Not. One. Person. I was pretty crushed and did the whole "tortured artist, why doesn't anyone pay attention to me" game for a while. I know you should create for yourself, but when you often feel you are writing into a void, it can a get a bit old.

AND then, my wonderful editor Allie wrote me on facebook to say that she hadn't been able to comment. I checked my settings and they seemed a bit off...more frustration. How could I be so foolish as to not check that my settings were set correctly??? For a year??? I fixed them, sent out a message via various channels that all was well, and went to bed.

Thsi morning I checked facebook to discover that my comment section is still playing the Selective Diva. My comment posted, as did my editor's (after 3 tries) but I was sent a message on facebook that another person did try and it didn't work.

SIGH. I now have a permanent comment only blog for what to do if I'm having a contest and you can't post a comment. I'm asking you to please just email me at ivybmisbehavin at gmail dot com and leave me your email address. I will then put your name in a draw and go from there.

Which is what I'd like to propose now. I'm doing a few more stops on my blog tour The Art of Falling Forever and will keep my contest going for a copy of this story, and a $5 Breathless Press Gift Card until the end of next Saturday, December, 20th. I will announce the winner on Sunday, December, 21st.

AND since my comment section was hissy fitting during my last 2 releases, I will also throw in copies of my last 2 releases to the winner.

So, the winner will receive 

I would like to apologize to anyone who tried to leave a comment in the past and wasn't able to do so. I'm going to have to get this sorted out!

In the meantime, please enter the contest via the new way, and thanks to everyone for their support!

I'll be back on Tuesday, December 16th. On that day I'll be taking it easy and chatting over with my friend Mary Corrales on her blog Romance Authors Lifestyle.

Happy Reading!

Ivy B


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